Meet the team

Entrepreneurs and specialists from both corporate environments and startups. A new type of consultant that stands by your side. Not only with ideas, but with real execution. An international team with smart people, but above all hard workers.

Our Capabilities

Innovation strategy             Digital marketing
Proposition design             Customer insight
Experience design             Growth hacking
Understanding technology  Data specialists

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Joost van de Velde

Founder and CEO

I help corporates innovate: new products, services, business models and marketing campaigns. Philosophy: first nail scale it, then scale it. Bottom up experiment fueled strategizing instead of ivory towers with ideas that only work in slick presentations. Believer of Lean Startup and Design Thinking. Fundamental knowledge of new business concepts, technology and modern customer behavior and expectations. Over 10 years of experience in international corporates and startups. Practical and pragmatic.

Oscar Amador 

General Director MX

I firmly believe in Strategy as a Creative pillar and Creativity as a Strategic pillar. In my career I have gone from traditional creativity to Digital, venturing into Integral Marketing Strategies. I am toxicly passionate about stories, communication, comics, movies and fantasy.

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Elizabeth Valle

Assistant General Director MX

I have dedicated most of my career to learn about and experience the digital innovation world, from social media to e-commerce. I have assisted my clients in growing and expanding their brands and businesses succesfuly: selling cars and medical devices online, finding and reaching digital audiences, implementing CRM systems, generating online leads, building social media communities, and more.

Guido van Glabbeek

Marketing Strategist & Growth Hacker

I started as a digital project manager for clients like Suzuki, Roche, Pfizer and HDI, supervising all types of digital projects. Within ktc I built the SEO and Paid (Digital) Media areas from the ground up, focussing on Search and Social Ads. Nowadays, I help companies with agile marketing strategy, fueling new venture growth by experimenting.

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Nallely Nuñez

Director Business Control MX/NL

I act as the liason between the MX and Nl team. In doing so I work with the internal management team of the agency to identify optimization areas in terms of client success and agency operation. I help to build and manage existing accounts to ensure they stay healthy and positive.

Andre Moreira

Strategic Designer

Within ktc I help Corporates innovate with Startup inspired advice & execution to launch future businesses and accelerate growth, together. I strongly believe in Lean Startup
, Design Thinking
, Growth Hacking and CX

. My expertise consists of Innovation Consulting, service design and business model design.

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Stijn Braunius 

Innovation Strategy & User Experience

I help corporates to innovate and accelerate growth, by assisting them at startup speeds. I strategically experiment, test, and validate, without wasting resources. Innovation strategy and UX are my core activities – both for ktc and our clients. My specialties are Innovation Management, Strategy and Engineering Solutions.

Jeroen Gerritsma

Marketing & Sales Specialist

Whether it’s business development, sales or marketing, I use my all-round creative mindset to connect the right people with ktc. In the world of corporate innovation there’s plenty of places to explore and people to meet. So if it’s either at events, through campaigns or at the local Starbucks, I’m always on the lookout for the next innovation champion. And I think I’m spotting one right now.

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Ernst Creemers

Visual Design & Prototyping

I believe the universe is made of stories, so I help brands and companies to tell theirs. My main goal is to generate Storytelling Strategies and communications concepts focused on getting results, not only campaigns. Convinced that Creativity is a solving-problem mindset inherent in everyone, I also aim to promote divergent thinking within the different areas of the company, not only to stimulate their potential but to integrate them into a more efficient seeking-solution process. Online, Offline, Above the line, Below the line… There is no line.

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