Typical assignments
  • Use disruptive tech for new business concepts
  • Sell to niches instead of mass
  • Make advertising data-driven
  • Launch subscription-based services
  • Launch in greenfield markets
  • Develop products Millennials love
  • Content-driven pull marketing
  • Become a platform company
  • Start selling online
  • Lead through customer experience
  • – Your assignment here –
Typical clients

So far, we have worked for local chapters of international companies, multinationals, large family companies and scale-ups. Our approach works best when a high level of uncertainty is involved in the things you want to do. Our method converts assumptions into evidence by strategizing bottom-up and starting small.

  • Large or Medium-Sized company with turnover between 5M and 500M
  • Double-digit growth objective 
  • Customer first philosophy 
  • Tech believer 
  • Need to do new things
Industries & Expertise
Finance / FinTech
Insurance / InsuranceTech
Pharma / HealthTech
Automotive / Smart Mobility
Government / GovTech
FMCG / Retail Tech

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