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You might be King Kong of the concrete jungle, but Googlezilla from the Silicon Valley of Death is coming for you – and he’s bringing some of his friends. ktc is here to help. To keep your position at the top of the food chain, you have to understand their battle tactics.

In just 7 short stories we’ll prepare you for battle. Become an innovation champion, be Muskalicious! Learn how corporates can be just as innovative as startups. Learn how some startups conquered the world with Killer Propositions and Exponential Marketing. Lean Startup. Disruption. Growth Hacking. Platforms…and more!


‘Unicorns are startups with 1 billion dollar valuation, likeUber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Spotify, Slack, en Xiaomi. Many of those innovative startups have been disrupting entire industries. Corporates and incumbent companies are now fighting back!

This book collects the stories, adventures, failures and successes of corporate growth hackers to inspire other entrepreneurs to start new things inside their company instead of wasting time and effort trying to find a new Holy Grail.

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